Essenza Coffee House has closed, this time “for good” reports the Arizona Republic. If you’re counting, this is the 7th coffeehouse to close in as many weeks.

From the Arizona Republic article:

Owner Chris Srnka sold the shop on Longmore near Southern Avenue to a couple in 2006, then bought it back eight months later.

It closed for good Tuesday, despite announced plans to move this month into a 1,300-square-foot space next to the Mesa Financial Plaza at Alma School Road and Southern Avenue.

Srnka, who recently had knee surgery, didn’t give a reason for closing.

The shop opened in 1993, and was known as the Deja Brew Coffee House before becoming Essenza Coffee House.

Thanks to Austin for the tip.

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    Not good

  2. This is too bad. I’ve popped in there from time to time and liked the atmosphere, although they always seemed to be just “hanging on”. Not sure how much of help being right across from MCC is because students there don’t seem to “hang out” like they do at ASU (around Mill Avenue).

  3. D

    Support your local mom-and-pop stores! Don’t adopt the ‘sheep’ mentality and assume that the corporate goods, coffee included, is better because they sell more.