There’s an upcoming event I’d like to share that is being organized by Mr. Perry Czopp. The event is to be held on December 21, 2014 at Phoenix Public Market in Phoenix, AZ in the evening beginning at 5 pm.

The format for this event is different from most of the coffee events held here in Arizona. This event, focuses on coffee cocktails — drinks prepared using coffee and a special ingredient.

Each company that is participating will create their own special unique drinks, and then serve those to attendees. The event is sure to be unique, and sounds like a lot of fun!

From posts on Instagram, it sounds like the following companies are currently involved:

  • Phoenix Public Market
  • Cortez Coffee
  • Cartel Coffee Lab
  • Lo-Fi Coffee
  • Provision Coffee
  • Ground Control

Tickets will be available for sale online before the event.

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