* Arizona Coffee Does Not Endorse Rocket Coffee Roasters or Larry Jones *

Larry Jones at Rocket Coffee Roasters just called to let me know about an event he is hosting at his roastery. Here are the details.

When: Saturday, July 22nd, starting at 10 am.

What: The Synesso Cyncra is up and running in the espresso lab at R.C.R. We will be hosting a “Cyncra & Coffee” event at the roastery on Saturday, July 22nd starting at 10am. Espresso will be pouring freely, a cupping of El Salvador Cup of Excellence coffees and good eats will be among the highlights of the days festivities.

RSVP: Email larry@rocketcoffeeroasters.com to secure your seat, there is no charge.

Where: Rocket Coffee Roasters in Phoenix.

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  1. Richard

    very sweet, sent you an email RSVP – have been enjoying your coffee for a long time and it will be cool to meet the man that makes my mornings!

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  3. that’s it? free food and good coffee? all i get is 2, count em’ 2, response’s from this site? it’s a sad day in the anals of AZ coffee history…a sad day!

  4. That is really sad. Man alive, we gotta get some buttons or something. Maybe t-shirts that say “I love Arizona Coffee” — sheesh, what a waste. 😉 Maybe we should have a mascot. Like a giant coffee cup with arms. Sheesh, I’ve been drinking too much root beer.

  5. we had a good time! great mix of folks, industry types, coffeegeeks, customers and those just curious about coffee. the cyncra was rockin’ and the boys from Red Rock Foods were jammin’ out the frozen blender drinks!

    french pressin’ some Panama……..