I learned today that Fair Trade Cafe has opened a second location in the Downtown Civic Space Park.

Fair Trade Cafe released this video about two weeks ago showing the renovations in-progress.

Michele Laudig in Chow Bella broke the news about this and says the shop opened on Friday. The Downtown Phoenix Journal also covered the news.

The new shop is a few blocks away, at 424. N. Central and is the anchor tenant in the restored 1926 A.E. England Motor Car Company building. I’m looking forward to checking it out this week!

Update: @sirobins just informed me over Twitter that the new space doesn’t open until Wednesday, August 26th.

Update 2: A few photos from Facebook.

Update 3: The new Fair Trade Cafe location doesn’t open until this Friday due to construction delays. Thanks to @sirobins and @andrewkfromaz for tip.

Update 4: It’s open.

Fair Trade Cafe – A.E. England Building
424 North Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: (602) 354-8150
Twitter: @FairTradeCafeAZ

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  1. mike

    there’s 2 different addresses on here. Is it 24 or 424 N. Central?

  2. Mike – sorry about that, typo on my part. The address is 424 North Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004. I have updated the address at the end of my post.

  3. The new @FairTradeCafeAZ is open!!! Veronica at the 1st shop just confirmed. 424. N. Central.

  4. Albert

    I used to go to the Fair Trade Cafe when they were hosting the DP Poetry Slam! Haven’t been there in a while but I might head down to see the new spot. Congratulations on the opening!