Karen from Fair Trade Cafe in Phoenix writes:

Hi AZ Coffee! Right now, our shop is going through some exciting changes, but we need more than ever to get the word out about our rather hard-to-find (*cough*cough* light rail) coffee shop. We serve exclusively certified fair trade and organic coffee from Adventure Roasters in Tucson. Please contact us, as we’d like to be a part of your terrific website.

~Karen and all the baristas at Fair Trade Cafe

Fair Trade Café
1020 North 1st Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Behind Trinity Cathedral North of Roosevelt
In the heart of Downtown Phoenix (map)

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I recently discovered Fair Trade after eating lunch at Calabria Italian Grocery & Deli just a few blocks west. The blueberry bread is a particularly good snack. Despite the current challenges of rail construction, I think the location will be a good one in the long run. 18 months from now, rail commuters will be able to get something nice to eat or drink right by the Central / Roosevelt station. Of course, everyone who likes Fair Trade has to remember to support it while construction is ongoing. To avoid a construction-related traffic headaches, I find it easiest to park on Portland Street or in the garage and then just walk around the corner to Central Avenue.

  2. Fair Trade is no end of fun. They have a lively staff, great coffee and will have a wonderful location once the light rail is done. It is nice to see a shop with a clear vision for what they are about and where they are going.

  3. Awesome feedback guys, I need to make a trip down there. I’ve gotten a few emails from the managers and they sound like really nice people.

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