I ran across an odd article in the newspaper recently. The headline is New ‘Sopranos’ cigar line is on fire — What cought my eye though was that the owner is serving coffee and its become somewhat of a sensation (at least, the article makes me think that). Brazillian coffee to be exact. What’s fascinating is that a lot of coffee’s come from Brazil, and when you think about it there’s really nothing too exotic about that. Even so, the owner has managed to create a story out of that and kudo’s to him. I’m not a cigar guy — so I’ll pass on this one.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

Balcer spared no cost in designing his Brazilian-themed lounge.

The floor and counters are built around hand-cut Brazilian stone. With Sinatra or Cuban jazz playing in the background, customers sit around a central kitchen where they can sip a Brazilian espresso while puffing on one of 40,000 cigars Balcer has in stock.

Balcer’s coffee is a story in itself.

His hand-made Brazilian coffeemaker, which costs about the same as a small Mercedes, has a computer that allows pinpoint control of brewing to reduce acidity and increase flavor.

“Starbucks is (nothing) compared to this,” Balcer said.

Brazilian coffee is served because it has a rich, dark-chocolate taste that brings the palate to life just before smoking a cigar, he said. Balcer also offers ports and brandy.

Balcer has been surprised by the across-the-board demographics of his customers. He expected to attract older men who have moved from the East Coast. He did not anticipate the number of 20-somethings and women who enjoy a cigar and espresso.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hey there! Great blog – I will definitely check out the Fat Buddha. I added your blog to my blogroll at Arizona Travel and Phoenix Locals. Come see us and leave comments anytime.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the compliments and the link. I’m glad you like the site!

  3. Cigars and coffee! This sounds like my kind of place. The coffee machine has me interested as well. I’ll be sure to bring my camera.

  4. Brazilian made coffee machine? For some reason, I’ve got a red flag flying up here.

    I think maybe it’s a Brasilia (made in Italy) espresso machine.

    It should also be noted that 90% of espresso blends BEGIN with a Brasilian base.

    Not to be a nay-sayer, but there’s nothing special about it other than the pairing of coffee and cigars.. something that has been done many many times, but the establishments catering this sort of thing have dwindled significantly.

    Larry, if you check it out, do give a detailed review, would you? I’d imagine your cupping skills are more than adequate.

    Great concept, but not as exotic as portrayed.

  5. I’m glad you’re going to go up and try it Larry. I am curious as well to hear what it’s like. It’s quite the specialty and maybe that’s what makes it successful.

    Jason: There may not be anything special about it but he’s blended a c0uple of things together that are apparently special to him and made them special to his customers.

  6. Chris, there was no disrespect intended. I love the concept, and I’d love to visit a shop like that, I just thought I’d reveal some of the supposed mystique about it.

    Then again, the latest Brasilian CoE went for a ridiculous amount of money.

  7. I stopped in today. Decadent interior design and they obviously spared no expense. The so-called Brazilian coffee machine is actually a La Cimbali super automatic, which is Italian made. The focus here is on cigars not coffee, but if your up that way it’s worth a look.

  8. Aaron

    Sorry but where is this Fat Buddha located in N.Scottsdale? I didn’t see an address or other contact info.


  9. Hi Aaron,

    They are at; 10428 E Jomax Rd. Way up and out there by Pinnacle Peak. It’s a nice drive.