Where is your favorite place to get a coffee? I haven’t been everywhere and really am curious to know where people stop for coffee, what you get, your favorite drinks?

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Arizona Coffee

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  1. Nordaggio’s Coffee in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the only place in this tornado-ravaged state for an Okie to get an authentic latte crafted by perfectionist baristas.
    At Nordaggio’s I always order an unflavored latte, and I often have an extra shot added for good measure.

    As far as straight coffee goes, I find nothing more enjoyable than French pressed Starbucks Gold Coast blend (no cream, thank you).

    And Nordaggio’s has WiFi (in addition to two internet terminals for those of us who have yet to tap into the WiFi aether).

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  3. Starbucks on 92nd on Shea I’m embarressed to say. I “work from home”, and I’m much more likely to actually get work done if I’m not actually at home. Girlfriend works on the same block as this Starbucks, so I ride in with her and walk over here and sit for the day more often than not – especially now that Skype on Linux runs passably well. The pay-for-WiFi is lame – they already get lots of money. I don’t want to jinx myself, but so far this location has done the One Thing That Chases Me Off Every Time, at least not as far as I can tell or while I’m around. All of the local shops have, in front of me. And Starbucksis gracious about having day-long –
    as a matter of corporate policy, I’m told. Still, there yet another coffee shop in Fountain Hills I’m told is good and I haven’t seen yet – I sleep in Fountain Hills. Daily Grind is okay for a coffee shop attached to a gym and the drive through is a nice option for commuters. Mountain View has some interesting high cal espresso creations but they’ve violated my cardinal sin. Fountain Hills Starbucks also violated my cardinal sin, and they’re pretty typical for an out-of-the way Starbucks location. So, I found this site while Googling for coffee shops in Fountain Hills, AZ, trying to track down this location I haven’t tried. I’m subscribed to the RSS feed and always looking forward to reviews!

  4. Davney Mackey

    Cabin Coffee Espresso
    The Secret is Out! There is a new coffeehouse in the West Valley. Come visit our little “Cabin Retreat” in the neighborhood, and relax next to our cobblestone fireplace and enjoy our rustic decor. Our guests LOVE the atmosphere because our store brings back memories of their past vacations staying in a lodge in the mountains fishing or skiing. Try one of our delicious,ice-cold,sugar-free,low-carb AVALANCHES! Or have one of our experienced Baristas pour you a smooth, creamy latte with a leaf on top. We also do little girls tea party and provide Free wi-fi internet. Come see what all the buzz is about on 67th Ave & Happy Valley RD!

  5. Cabin Coffee does have a great ambiance and wonderful baristas!