I had a meeting in Tempe recently and afterwords I stopped in to visit 51 West.

Think of 51 West as half music venue and half coffee shop.

I stopped in around 2 pm, and the place was empty except for a few customers that wandered in over the next hour. I sat down at a large work table directly facing the counter.


51 West was one of the first places in the valley to begin serving Nitro cold brew, and I asked them for some — only to discover they were sold out for the day. I asked them if it was popular, and they said it now accounts for almost half of their sales. That’s incredible!

The nitro at 51 West sells for $4/glass. That seems cheaper than other valley spots by about a dollar (but it could be a smaller glass, for all I know).

While they do not have lunch options, they do have a number of baked goods which are for sale. i tried the Bear Claw which was fresh.

They are supplied by Welcome Chicken and Donuts.

Getting there

As the name suggests, it is at 51 West Southern Avenue in the south part of Tempe, AZ. There’s a massive parking lot behind the building and you can enter from the street or the parking lot.

51 West
51 W. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: (480) 228-3151

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