I found a few interesting sites today. A Thought Over Coffee is a blog being written by a wanna be coffee shop owner. The Coffee and Caffeine Blog is written by a New York coffee fan. Cafe Metaphoric (not sure where this guy lives). Denver Coffee Blog is awesome. The Denver site has a really cool map project.

I’m thinking about building a resource site to link together localized sites — and only the ones that represent high quality writing and information. It wouldn’t be anything too complex, just a nice listing of sites and all of the sites would individually link to this page (so we could spread the word).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Nice starter kit. I’ve accumulated some of the same bookmarks myself — curious about others who have embarked on similar regional projects. (I have a blog and reviews for San Francisco coffee houses hyperlinked to my name above for your collection…)

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your site. I like that you’ve done a comparative analysis based exclusively on espresso shots. That’s a very good idea. I will consider doing that in Phoenix. Again, thanks for stopping by. I’ll add a link to your site from the sidebar.

  3. Howdy… thanks for the link. I am actually working to create more of a community based portal type site that could expand into other regional areas (allowing locals to drive the content) .. will keep u posted and will link to your blog.