Firecreek Coffee Company is moving to a new location, and its current shop has been transformed into a restaurant called The Grotto (with new owners).

The move comes, Funk said, because his business with Whole Foods Market and AJ’s Fine Foods has been growing, as well as his restaurant customer base. Firecreek is moving to a much larger facility, and Funk says he will announce the details soon.

Source: The Arizona Republic.

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  1. The only part of the AZ Republic article that was accurate was that Firecreek was leaving Cave Creek and the name of the new place is “The Grotto.” Firecreek was evicted for failure to pay rent. I was told by the new owners the back rent totaled approximately 50k . Joey, the apprentice roaster is now working at the Cave Creek Bike Shop, The rep handling the grocery stores is now working for another business in Cave Creek.

    The Grotto is serving Press Coffee and and has been remodeled with new bathrooms. All new staff is serving great coffee drinks and will soon be serving mirco-brew beer and wine.

  2. The plot thickens! Thanks for the added info, David. I looked up the Grotto. Looks like it is being run by the antique / consignment store next door.

  3. Jeff

    The consignment shop owner son is actually running the Grotto. Its a cool place to hang out. It will also be serving food as well

  4. Rob Jack

    Hmmm… wondering if I could possibly buy the assets and brand for pennies on the dollar and stand it up in Fort Worth?

  5. Yes Firecreek Coffee moved. They stil have great coffee. The Grotto has taken over this great property
    and hope to keep the vibe going there. Mike, Joe and John are great guys and hope they do well in their new venture.
    The Grotto