I just learned about Firehouse Coffee Company by way of Blabber Heads blog. It’s located in Bullhead City, AZ. Wow!

Dan & Karen
1371 Hancock Road
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

We are a traditional style coffee house specializing in fresh roasted coffees from around the world. Also provided is a wide variety of exotic teas. Our commercial roasting capabilities enable us to provide bulk specialty coffees to the restaurant demands of our community.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Kody Crawford

    I am a local of Bullhead and the Firehouse Coffee Company provides great service and products. The freshly roasted beans make this a unique place to relax with a nice cup of joe.

  2. QMum Lydia

    My Red Hat Chapter enjoys a monthly Bithday Tea at the Firhouse Coffee Co. They have a great selection of gourmet Teas as well as wonderfully “eye pleasing “Flowering Teas, that are served in clear glass pots… The Lady’s love them. Karen and Dana havd an excellent staff that treat eveyone like Royalty !!! Oh, and their fresh baked scones are to die for. Bravo Firehouse. My Red Hat Lady’s are addicted to your hospitality and compassion to be the best …….

  3. Dana and Family. Congrats on the new satellite coffee stop located at the new car wash on hiway 95 BHC, by Big O tires. Keep up the great coffee and service. Thanks, Bruce and Londa

  4. Chris & Cheryl Proctor

    Hi Dana & Karen,
    We’re big fans of Firehouse Coffee and look forward to seeing your new place in the Riverview Mall.

  5. Longer hours please! Loved your coffee, the one time I made it there while your were open. I’ve been there quite a few times maybe after hubby and I go out to dinner- and it’s only been 7:30 p.m…after an afternoon of shopping, or on a Sunday, and you’ve been closed. There’s quite a few people moving here, who are used to grabbing a cup of coffee while out doing errands, social gatherings, etc. Also, some live music, open mike nights would be great too! I miss that so much, plus, there’s really nothing to do in this town. Being that the only Starbucks is in a grocery store here, and you’ve got one coffee house already, and another one about to open, you could really corner the local market!

  6. Michelle Basso

    One of the best places in town for lunch. Very healthy food and very large sandwiches. Red Pepper and gouda cheese soup was the best soup I have ever had. A must in the town of Bullhead.

  7. Josh

    Hey all, Firehouse Coffee just opened a new building next door to (actually connected to) Hacienda Mobil on highway 95, just north of Silver Creek Road. Stop by, get your car washed and have a cup of coffee.

  8. Dana Kern

    Firehouse Coffee Roasters is open from 6am until 8 pm Mon-Sat closed on Sundays. We have live music at least twice a week with a heart for local talent. Art exhibits are provided during most of the week with great pieces from local artists. Firehouse Coffee offers four locations in Bullhead City with lunch served at the Riverview Mall location.

  9. Andrea Kennerson

    I was blessed to work at Firehouse for almost a year, unfortunately I had to move, but while working there I had the best boss’s and co-workers I’ve ever had. When you go, you will experience a wonderful staff, great food, and the best coffee you will find anywhere…… I cant wait until I can move back and join my family again at Firhouse…… I love you Dana, Karen, and Alice!!!!!

  10. Ashley F

    I work there now [= at the hacienda josh mentioned. i love firehouse, and i’ve loved it since it opened. it’s a great personal coffee place that knows its customers. from the great coffee to the comfy couches that make you feel at ease, not stiff in little tables and chairs. great place to study and just have a quiet few hours. i love it

  11. Sgt Bradbury

    I just wanted to thank everybody at the firehouse coffee shop, Dan and Karen both supported the fact that I was going back into the Marine Corps and that met alot to me. The fact that two people that didn’t even know me still did that for me Thank You

  12. Laura-UT

    I was on vacation in Bullhead a few weeks ago, and found this awesome coffeeshop!!!! You folks have the game down!!!!!! Wish we could get you here in Salt Lake and give the BIG PROMO company a run for its money!!!! Those “Oregon” people are taking over, and their coffee is just plain NASTY here, guess they think because it is “UTAH” that we dont know GOOD, BAD, or GREAT coffee!!!! Don’t change what ever it is you do for your coffee or customers. Thanks for a few mornings of heaven to wake up with!!!!!

  13. Ryan

    Best coffee in BHC!!!

  14. Laura, make your way to Caffe D’bolla. If you don’t like their coffee, then you’re not really there for the coffee. John is dedicated to your cup being excellent. Have the espresso and one of whatever it is you usually drink. Drink the espresso first. And stay away form national chains…. ; >

  15. The best latte ever, served with a wooden wand of sugar crystals. Hubby loves the quiche, buddy loves the muffins, I love the yogurt and fruit, the live music, the smell, and the ambiance…

  16. Lorie Fain-Parenti

    I need Firehouse Coffee, none in San Diego.

    Lorie (F-Dock) Mission Bay, CA

  17. Karen Petrola

    My sister took us to the Firehouse in Bullhead City for lunch today, she goes there for lunch several days a week. I had the roasted red pepper soup, it was the BEST soup I have ever eaten! Would love the recipe if anyone out there knows it!!

  18. I LOVE Firehouse Coffee in Bullhead City! We used to stop by every time we were in the area. The best quiche ever! Love the coffee! Bought 2 bags to take with me. Goes great with a good cigar, too!

  19. firehouse coffee was the worst expierence i’ve had here in bullhead. service was terrible, employees are extremely rude. the food is pre-made days before and then served to customers. karen and dana do not know how to run a business, i cannot wait until they sell it. firehouse needs better managment! karen and dana are so unprofessional… i think i could run a better businesss!

  20. Does the Firehouse coffee shop host any open mic nights? We’re going to be in Laughlin for a week over Thanksgiving and trying to find an open mic.

    Or if you know of a local one and don’t mind sharing the info it will be much appreciated.