Kath wrote in to let us know that Fireside Espresso in Payson, AZ, is out of business. She adds: “We are left with nothing but a Starbucks inside of Safeway ๐Ÿ™ Help!”

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  1. On the other hand Gerardo Moceri of Gerardo’s cuisine (former Cucina Paradiso) started to open early with coffee and a selection of fresh baked goods, the same menu and Baristas that fireside used to have. He told me that things are picking up for him. Gerardo is selling fresh coffee (gets a delivery every week) and I think that in conbination with his amazing italian food, Payson has a new gourmet coffee site. So far they have not learned latte arte but the capps and espresso are very tasty. Check it out.

  2. Good news, yesterday Morning I got a call from one of my espresso machine providers in Seattle making me aware of the new starbucks thing. They started changing the corporate look to emulate the indie coffee house. the menu changes a little with the inclusion of wine, beer and more food items. I wondered why was that no press was released on this event. I just got this one:

    You can think, wow now the competition to the independent coffee house got worse, I thing that just got better. This effort is emphasizing the fact that coffee houses that are not corporate looking have a place in this society and now more than ever we should start believing in our unique feel and effort. I look forward to see the day that the independent coffee house kick Starbucks but.

  3. Kath

    Yes, I know about Gerardo’s- tried it out yesterday morning. My vanilla latte was pretty good and Gerardo brought a delicious sample pastry to our table. My only problem with it is that it is a restaurant (one of, if not THE best in town), and only a coffee shop from 7-11 a.m. and although they serve coffee, it definitely feels more like a restaurant than a coffee house. I miss Roadrunner Espresso!

  4. Kelly

    That is so sad. It was such a cute spot. We will try Gerardo’s. Where is it?

  5. Gerardo’s Italian Bistro:
    512 N Beeline Hwy ยท Payson
    (928) 468-6500

  6. Scoops in Payson has just opened it’s full espresso shop to compliment it’s ice cream offerings. Our new location at 201 w. Main Street is right between Macky’s and Sawmill Theater. We open early at 7am on weekdays and stay open til 9. Fri and Sat open til 10pm. We offer wifi to our customers and feature Espresso from Cortez Coffee Co. Come check us out!

  7. Uptown Espresso opened November 3, 2010 at the old fireside location. Completely and beautifully remodeled, we have a nice stage, with various musical events, along with great food including “Holy Smoke” smoked and bbq meats, quiche, bagels, pastries, deserts, etc. Wifi is available. Our seating capacity is 99 and we are a faith based community centered enterprise.
    It is simply the biggest and best coffee house in the rim region.
    Visit us at our FB page or http://uptownespresso.blogspot.com/