We had a great turnout! Five people came to LUX to celebrate coffee and have a good time. It worked out so well I think we’ll try to do it again. Thank you to everyone for coming!

Fly on the wall:

  • Jason shared Map Phoenix — a project to map the downtown arts scene
  • We talked about making a map of coffee shops in Phoenix and wondered if we should list Starbucks
  • Larry shared his knowledge about coffee roasting and answered questions about roasting coffee and storing coffee
  • We talked about the local coffee scene and a few coffee shops in particular
  • We thought it might be interesting to know where coffee shops get their roasted beans
  • Larry and I agreed that LUX makes one of the best espresso shots anywhere
  • Joey suggested the Harry Potter books and Lisa suggested reading them before watching the films
  • Chris talked about some of the upcoming interviews on Arizona Coffee
Arizona Coffee

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  1. That was fun Chris! Happy Birthday arizona-coffee.com!

  2. I had a great time, thank you Chris! Let’s do it again soon. Happy B-Day Arizona Coffee!

  3. I really enjoyed Larry’s discussion from the perspective of a local roaster, and the bag of house even more. Thanks for putting this together Chris – looking forward to helping produce the analog version 🙂

  4. As far as mapping the Starbuckses, I don’t think that its necessary. If you are going to the trouble to look at a map for specialty coffee, you probably don’t want to find the *$ anyways. If you’re looking for Starbucks, cheeze, just look around. I dunno about Phoenix, but if you look at Google Earth, searching for coffee shops in the DC area, two our of every three coffee shops are a *$!

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