Are you all familiar with the Flat White? My friend just returned from Australia and informs me it is pretty good. Basically less froth than an American latte. My friend also says that if you order an iced coffee there it comes with ice cream and whip cream!

Here’s how the Wikipedia describes a Flat White:

A Flat White is a coffee beverage served in Australia and New Zealand, prepared with espresso and milk.

The drink is generally made with 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, very similar to the ingredients in a latte. The milk is prepared differently, with the volumised milk at the top folded into the lower layers [1]. The resulting drink has only a very thin layer of froth at the top.

Australian lattes and flat whites are usually served in 215-240ml cups, making them stronger than some lattes served in some other countries.

The Flat White was discussed on CoffeeGeek.

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  1. Ah, while in Sydney one two occasions, we got to drink flat whites. We acutally tossed around the idea of bring that menu to the State and to Cafe Evoke. bold

  2. Austin

    sounds good. how does that work exactly?

  3. See the Industry Jargon and Coffee Terminology Guide on this site.

    The flat white is listed.

    It’s a cappuccino with latte-proportions of foam.


  4. Rebecca

    When I was recently in Australia, I compiled a list of the Australian names for espresso drinks (and also enjoyed many of them):

    short black = espresso
    long black = americano
    flat white = (approximately) a single short latte
    latte = (approximately) a double short latte, served in a glass instead of a mug
    affogato = espresso served alongside a small bowl of ice cream (you’re supposed to pour the espresso over the ice cream)
    -and capuccinos were always served with a bit of cocoa powder sprinkled on top

    We did not see any kind of drip coffee in restaurants, but pretty much every single restaurant had an espresso machine (this pertains to Sydney, Melbourne, and areas outside of Melbourne). And across the board, the coffee was delicious.