Arizona Coffee is proud to announce our membership in the FocusThink Network. Increased traffic and overall expanded visibility for this site are the goal and we’re excited to be a part of the project in its early stages.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Oh, how very buzzword complaint. But I thought the way to get traffic was to generate content so that people link to you, which in turn pleases the Google Gods, which brings you more people? So why don’t you post the reviews I sent you and crank out more content 😉

  2. Hey Scott, your review is going up on Arizona Coffee later today (and was posted on Arizona Reviews already).

    Yeah, FocusThink is meant to be a network of sites and it is just a coincidence that all of the first 6 were mine. There are big plans for all of these sites and some of this I hope will take effect this Fall. Stay tuned!