Fonbucks is a clever little product from a company called Fon that is giving away free routers to anybody that lives near a Starbucks, and wants to charge people for using their bandwidth. Since they handle all of the transaction fees, and charge less than Starbucks does for bandwidth, you end up getting a bit of the money. (via)

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I like the idea, but going head on with a monster like Starbucks and T-Mobile could be a death sentence. I am sure there will be lawsuits from each company, however it would be nice to find a free or cheaper wifi location around the big green monster.

  2. thats a cool idea, except i hate having to pay for wifi. Vida will stay free I think.

  3. Steve Kessler

    I agree with Eddie, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. My hats off to them though.

  4. Thanks! (I work for FON)
    FON is FREE to anyone who buys a FON router and shares their internet connection without charging, what we call a Linus. So if you join FON you can use all our hotspots FREE!