A friend and I go get lunch and coffee frequently at Baja Fresh on the corner of Indian School and Scottsdale Rd. I say frequently but it isn’t frequently enough. Today we did it for the first time in months. Anyways, we always eat lunch and then get coffee at Starbucks.

He orders a tall cappuccino (dry and without any milk, just foam). I usually get a Caramel Machiato or a cappuccino (that’s what I got today). Then we sit and talk, and watch the intersection.

So far just sitting there on occasion we’ve seen I think 3 car accidents, one car meets bicyclist accident, and today as we sat down they were cleaning up after another car accident. It must be the most accident prone intersection in Scottsdale. It’s a smart idea to bring your camera.

Anyways, the point of my post: We always ask for our drinks “for here” which is code for “please put it in a mug because we’re coffee enthusiasts and its always better in a mug – thanks.”

Do you ask for your coffee in a mug? And, do you ever give the barista a fake name just to hear them say it?

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  1. After a long, hard battle, I did train the weekday morning shift at 92 & Shea Starbucks on “for here”. It started off ordering “for here no water venti chai for here” which worked about half of the time. A few times, I repeared “for here” a third time as they reached for the paper cup. Without having written on the paper cup, they’d throw it away and reach for the mug. And we never did get past the point where “venti” wound up being “grande” half of the time, though sometimes the line-assist people would screw up and the cashier would make it right. Ahh, well. I’m talking to hear myself talk.

  2. Administrator

    A number of people who work at Starbucks have told me that the 92nd St. Starbucks is the second busiest in the state. Apparently the one in Camp Verde is the busiest (because of the freeway apparently).

  3. I just moved out here for a job for the summer. I need to go “people watch” at a good coffee shop and of course to do that i need a MUG! ha. I work at a coffee shop up where I go to college and I know that “for here” means “put it in a damn mug” hehe

  4. Chris

    SHelby: If you want to people watch I suggest The Coffee Plantation on Camelback Rd and 24th St. It’s the best and stays open late every night.

  5. Thanks Chris…I think I will check that out soon then!

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