We have a lot of new readers on Arizona Coffee, so I wanted to take a moment to explain some of the great things we have on Arizona Coffee!

  1. You can go to either www.arizonacoffee.com or www.arizona-coffee.com and access this site, why is the dash the default? Because when I set it up I didn’t expect this site to become what it has today. I did the dash for search engine reasons. Yahoo actually picks up dashes a bit more than Google and dissects the words. That was my intention anyways. I might switch that around at some point, but it’s complex to do that and also retain links.
  2. Their is a list of coffee shops accessible from the buttons at the top. It is updated frequently, and lists locations with free WiFi.
  3. There is also a list of coffee roasters.
  4. The Forum is sometimes more active than the homepage, and a lot of fun!
  5. There’s an email newsletter.
  6. All of the archives going back to March 2005 are on the Archives page.
  7. There is an occasional podcast, which requires a lot more work than videos (so expect more videos than audio). A lot of generous people contribute to this site. I get emails almost every day from shop owners, baristas, and people looking for coffee shops. The most common email is people asking me for suggestions for places to have meetings with about 15 people. I usually suggest that they go to La Madeleine.
  8. This site is run by Chris Tingom, a web designer in Phoenix. I don’t own a coffee bar, and don’t plan to start one. Although about 5 people have asked me to start one with them.
  9. This site is #1 in results for the phrase Arizona Coffee on all of the major search engines.
  10. I like to stir up crazy ideas.
  11. This site received 5,606 visits this month, and 14,330 page views.
Arizona Coffee


  1. Those are some impressive numbers, Chris.

  2. Steve Kessler

    Man it’s cool to see how far along this site has come. Many congrats Chris!
    p.s. Did you get the soda I left for you at Cabin?

  3. Yup! I sure did. Thank you. I had the mango one.

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