Julie Sagasta writes:

Hi Chris, I’m looking for someone to rent my coffee shop. I own a salon and coffee shop [and] I no longer have the time to run both. I personally went to ABC Barista School, and know good coffee. My manager also has barista training and has been to the big coffee conventions and shows. We will have very high expectations of who ever would like the space. Currently we use Cafe D’arte but I’m open to something else. The shop is fully equipped with top of the line stuff which we will lease to the renter. If any of your readers are interested that would be great.

Sagasta Salon & Coffee Bar
2540 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 840-9500
Website: www.sagastasalon.com

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I’d recommend that Julie get a new manager – one who can run the coffee shop. She’d probably keep more of the profit that way, assuming the biz is in the black. Renting out the whole business sounds like a terrible red tape headache.

    To anyone interested in the offer – Caffe D’Arte is probably worth keeping in the model.

  2. Julie

    Hi guys it’s Julie I like D’Arte it’s great we have also explored many other roasters a couple of which I really like. One was Cafe Vivace but it is very touchy and exspensive the dolce blend is among the best I’ve every had. We also look at Zoka, and I enjoy Stumptown. We are actually getting samples from a small roaster in the midwest I tried there coffee at ABC. As far as renting the coffee shop it’s easier for me that way I have a busy salon and no time to run both businesses. I want someone with a passion for there own business not just another employee I find my quality expectation are more easily met with that arrangement. Also if you have any questions for me my e-mail is juliesagasta@yahoo.com My website sends you to my old e-mail address thanx so much Julie

  3. Karen m.

    wonder where john is going?

  4. Karen m.

    dropped by sagasta for a horchata latte and chatted briefly with julie. apparently john will be opening a coffee spot in scottsdale about six months in the future. meantime my horchata latte was prepared very aptly by a temporary fill in barista. they are anxious to keep the coffee aspect rolling and julie said they have had a few nibbles. keeping fingers crossed as it is so convenient and reliable to date.

  5. Leslie

    I am a colorist and a barista who has gone to ABC’s too! I am interested in renting your cafe and possibly working as a colorist if I can between cafe hours.

  6. Christina Martin

    Anyone looking to open a coffee shop in Sedona? I have secured a building and would like to split 1/2 and rent to a coffee shop. I have an idea and I think it will do really well if anyone is interested in the Sedona area. I can be reached at 928 282.5278 for further details I’m looking to open in September 08. Main road (89A) in West Sedona. Can be a great opportunity for someone. Good luck on selling your shop in Phoenix in the meantime I’m sure you will find the right person to buy it. Best wishes.