Press Coffee Roasters is selling their 1999 Ambex YM-15. It can roast up to 15 Kilo’s.

Steve Kraus, owner/operator, sent along the following description:

We’ve made some great modifications to improve the roasting ability, the flame tips are converted to Probat “bloom” style, a second external cooling fan has been added to help cool the beans in under 2 min, the whole roaster has been rewired with updated safety controls, the fan which draws the air through the roaster has been improved for better airflow, it has a side table attached for taking notes or attaching to a laptop with data logging software, the thermocouple (probe that reads temperature) has two outputs for attaching to data logging software. the belts have been changed over to quiet adjustable belts, and a custom light has been added to illuminate the roasting/Trier window. This also has a Magnehelic attached and variable gas control. Roaster is in great!!! condition, need to make room for out new one.

Delivery not included price is $14,000 please send emails to for pictures
or more information.

Arizona Coffee

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