I’m sorry I lost your phone number otherwise I would have called you back. In your message you asked about coffee shop venues that might be appropriate for a group gathering and that would allow singing. Sounds like the group might be around 30 people. That’s a difficult question but Dr. Coffee is here to answer. At least we’re going to try… 😉

Dr. Coffee says: Try calling Cave Creek Coffee Company, while not in Scottsdale, they have a large enough location that they may be able to support your request. They have a large building and the back patio has seating and room for music events. You’ll want to call ahead and ask. I’m simply recommending them based on the size of their facility. Not many Scottsdale venue’s could support a group of this size. Mama Java’s might on a slow night but it’s doubtful. You should look at The Coffee Plantation on 24th St. & Camelback Rd. It’s in the Biltmore Shopping Center and has a lot of outdoor seating. Depending on the time of day you might have enough space.

Arizona Coffee

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