Big thank you to all of Arizona Coffee’s loyal readers! The big news of the week is that on Tuesday, the Forum passed the 1,000 post comment mark. That’s amazing!

It’s helping to turn this site into not just a blog about coffee, but into a community. If you haven’t checked out the forum yet, now is the time!

For those of you not in the coffee industry professionally, we have a new forum category just for you. It’s designed to be a place for asking questions or talking about coffee but coffee professionals cannot participate (sorry folks!).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Steve Kessler

    wow…that’s great Chris! Conrats again!

  2. So what is the door prize and who won it?

    Congradulations Chris

  3. I was thinking about giving out a prize, but then Oprah Winfrey one upped me.

    I’m in the process of making some AZ Coffee Schwag though, so stay tuned (it’s a month or two away).

  4. Wow, another great idea from Chris. Whatever prompted you to come up with this?

  5. Joshua Morris

    If the public asks a question can we (coffee pro’s ) answer it on this board?

  6. I think it makes sense and i imagine that a few people have requested it out of a desire to speak freely without having to worry about offending someone who owns a local shop.

  7. I’m coming up with a new way for everyone to offend coffee shops. Stay tuned! 😉

  8. Karen m.

    i love this idea! now i won’t be made to feel like a total idiot by the professionals when i say something dumb about coffee drinks.

  9. Pierce/Bear

    OK; I’ll play; where is the Forum lurking these days?

    Chris’s links are either dead or loop back to this page……….

  10. The forum is offline – I need to restore it, but I’ve pondered the idea of just moving to a new forum. I’m working on a few ideas.