Ran across this photo recently, and couldn’t pass it up for a caption contest.


Arizona Coffee

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  1. “I’m tellin’ ya – the grind still aint fine enough, you gotta chew it more”

  2. I told him that drinking coffee would stunt his antler growth.

  3. Steve Kessler

    “I thought you said you wanted some mousse on your coffee?”

  4. “The Board of Directors meeting gets under way at Caribou Coffee.”

  5. Joshua Morris

    With the addition of his brand new hat Bob the moose is now ready for his first day on the job as an ASM at our favorite “corporate” coffee chain! =)

  6. Steve Kessler

    We here at Caribou Coffee originaly wanted to use a “donkey” as our mascot….but all the “asses” were already at Starbucks.

  7. “Chuck was happy for years until he’d tasted his first espresso and realized that his ‘heart of gold’ wife wasn’t just ugly.. she was an entirely separate species.”

    lol @ Larry’s

  8. Robert M Winter

    Hey buddy, DON’T moose with me!! I’m out of coffee and I have to recycle some from yesterday!!

  9. Robert M Winter

    Is it you or the garbage that smell is comin’ from? Is it Caribou or Carapoo!!!

  10. Robert M Winter

    Not today dear I’m a complete moose!!