I found an interesting idea while in Rio de Janeiro. Introducing the Geographic Cafe which shares space with Wollner Outdoor, a clothing store that sells books and gear for outdoor life. I didn’t find any coffee shops with free wireless internet, anywhere. It’s definately a U.S. thing.

geographic cafe

In the first photo you can see the owners both explaining in Portuguese that I shouldn’t be taking a photo (as you can see, I took that advice to heart). In the background is the clothing store. But I really liked the distinct blend. It didn’t feel like two stores.

geographic cafe

Closeup of the coffee bar.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hey Chris! I have a picture that I took in a small Chinese restaurant (in SF) with the owner shouting at me to not take a picture. Maybe we should get a new tag for these kinds of shots on Flikr.

  2. Haha! Seriously, what is up with these people who are afraid of a photograph. If I was a reporter wanting a photo I would get the photo and you would never know it. I wouldn’t just walk in, guns blazing, flash firing! Sheesh.

  3. If you know Brazil you would know that probably the guys in the photo are kidding… people from Rio de Janeiro are very friendly and used tourists.

  4. Marx: I was there, I know what he said, and yes, the people are very friendly.