The Ginger People were gracious enough to send me a free sample of their new product called Hot Coffee Ginger Chews.

So how are they? Well, it depends. Five of us at the Tornado office sampled these and the consensus is that two of us really enjoyed them. The other three didn’t. Now, I think the reason that most of us didn’t like the flavor is that the ginger flavor is so very strong. Mixing it with coffee was a decent idea, but personally I didn’t care for the combo. Even when I’m having sushi I don’t like ginger.

Here are some photos from our tasting. I hope you enjoy. The Ginger People have a variety of other products which you might find interesting.

Kent samples the ginger.

Andrew samples the ginger.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I love Ginger (pardon the pun), and I love the original ginger chew product, but Ginger AND Coffee, I don’t know. Any idea where I can buy some?

  2. Jeff

    Yeah. Click on the highlighted words above: “The Ginger People”. It takes you to their web site. From there you can get the locations near you that sells this product.

  3. Alex

    I love ginger! I get the original ginger chews from Trader Joe’s. But I will definitely try the coffee flavor.