I know there’s a special contingent of readers who visit coffee houses primarily to get work done. I’ve been a member of this class in the past — I admit to having been a laptop warrior in the past, it’s a big reason I started this site.

So I think I know enough about what makes a good workplace. With that in mind, what are some of your favorite places to get work done?

The key criteria that make a place good to work at:

  1. Comfortable chairs and good solid work surfaces
  2. Electrical outlets near tables, and lots of them
  3. Free wireless internet that’s fast
  4. Real food, not just pastries

What’s even more important is location and casual atmosphere. The last thing I need is to feel like I’m hogging a table.

Some of my favorite places may not be your favorites. For example, I was visiting a coffee shop in Scottsdale the other day, and the music of the hour was heavy metal, and the volume was a 7 on the 11 scale. I just couldn’t focus, and left after an hour. But, there are lots of people who can focus in an environment like that and so more power to them.

So, what are your favorite coffee shops to work out of? Are most coffee shops these days friendly to laptop warriors?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I get lots done when there is noise around. I tried Giant Coffee, the photo of which you have above, but that art work did not work for me. Sound silly, but something about those paintings and guitars disturbed the flow on energy. When Lola first opened on Roosevelt they had a great seating area in the back then it was ruined by the appearance Pita Jungle. I still like the outside in Lux and the new Lola location in Uptown Phoenix and sometimes Cartel Downtown if I have time ride my bike there, but the disappearance of food there means I frequent it less.

  2. I go through phases… currently, I tend to get most of my creative design work done in front of a big monitor, which means I get out less.

    Other times, I totally agree with you and a loud environment is ok… I guess it depends on the type of work I’m trying to accomplish.