wifiI get more emails from people who are interested in finding a good place to hold meetings at coffee shops than anything else. Typically people want a big room and they want to be able to hold an event suitable for public speaking.

Most coffee shops are interested in helping you hold events. But unfortunately most coffee shops don’t have enough open space to accommodate.

Tips for holding an event

  1. Call the owner and ask
  2. Suggest to every attendee that they purchase a drink
  3. If it is a monthly event, hold it on the same day every month
  4. Thank the owner

Good places

  • Inza Coffee (Scottsdale) has probably the largest open space, and the most regular events of any coffee shop in the valley. They can easily accommodate 50+ people in one large room.
  • Areopagus Coffee (North Scottsdale) has a large patio seating area suitable for breakfast events. You could easily hold 15 comfortably seated.
  • The Coffee Shop (Gilbert) would be a nearly perfect place to hold a medium sized meeting if it were only closer to Phoenix. They have two separate rooms, and plenty of outdoor seating.
  • Copper Star Coffee (Indian School / 7th Ave) has seating for about 10 outdoors and perhaps two dozen inside.

If your coffee shop helps people hold events email me and I’ll update this list.

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  1. Karen m.

    don’t forget the royal coffee bar in downtown phoenix. They have a large square bar height table perfect for meetings in an area off the main bar…also a flat screen tv to hook up to your laptop for displays.

  2. I got caught in a neighborhood meeting at Copper Star once. I wasn’t really put out though, since I was so impressed to see an actual neighborhood meeting. If you have the chance, get a cupcake there.

  3. We have several meetings held in our shop monthly.
    We have Free Wi-Fi and will reserve a table or two for your group. Give us a call.