I wanted to point out an interesting article in the LA Times today, it also included a number of interesting photos.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

MY first stop was my local coffee roaster, where they have a pretty good selection of beans roasted on the premises.

The beans are at once the most complex part of the equation and the easiest to solve. At first glance, the choice seems bewildering. Walk into any moderately stocked coffee bean purveyor these days and you’ll find more than a dozen choices spanning two or three continents and a range of roasts.

Coffee beans, like wine grapes, reflect the climate and farming culture of the places they are grown. And because coffee is grown in almost every tropical area — Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America, the Caribbean and even Hawaii — there is a seemingly endless list of place names.

Indeed, much of the romance of coffee is in the parade of exotic locales and comes with exploring their diverse products. Sumatran coffee is complex and medium-bodied; Ethiopian Harrar is wild and fruity; Brazil’s Bourbon Santos is light and bright.

There are some interesting photos there, if you want to talk about those, I set up a spot in the Forum for just that.

Arizona Coffee

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