I posted this in January, but thought I would post it again for all of you coffee lovers that might be sending out holiday cards this year.

Coffee greeting cards by Nina Seven. They’re all about celebrating the art of coffee! There are over 50 different designs and you can order cards online. I really liked the style and thought you might, too.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for sharing. I know a few coffee lovers that I could surprise with these greeting cards. BTW, do you know where I could get some cool coffee themed mouse pads? 🙂

  2. Hi Tomas, yeah… um. I’m gonna need to have you come in on Saturday… wow, I don’t know where that came from. Basically, the mp project is an ’07 project. Other projects got in the way (see your email).

  3. Yes, I saw the email in my inbox last night and will get back to you this afternoon once I get out of Shawshank! Man, your projects rock!

  4. Sheldon Brown

    Can I sell your cards wholesale to coffee shops?