Ground Control Coffee will be hosting a latte art throwdown on April 9th. Ground Control is on the west side, so it’s great to see some activity on that side of town.

Tara from Ground Control wrote me to let me know some of the setup they have. It’s a 4 group LaMarzocco LB 80 and a swift grinder. She added that if someone wants to bring a Mazzer or similar we can put it in. They have one but the hopper is busted at the moment.

The buy in for the evening will be $10. to participate in the contest. Rules are forthcoming.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. troy

    I can’t waite till my shop is OPEN!!!! I live an a place that has Tonnes of ” espresso” palces, but it’s SO……lame……I just cant wait….muahahahhaha

  2. Troy, will you be serving any decaf at your shop!?! ; >
    Hey, anyone chatting with them could tell them (or, Jason, if you or anyone else is going up there for this) that I have a coupla Mazzer hoppers that I’d be happy to let them use, if they can find a way to get them there. I’ll ship, if they’ll buy shipping. Or, if they really want it, I’d sell it to them for much less than Mazzer would!
    If they really can’t figure that out, I’d be happy to loan ’em one of my Majors, but again, it’d be up top them to get it there and back.

  3. jc

    Does anyone know what time it doesn’t tell what time it starts and runs till????

  4. Todd

    I believe that the actual event starts at 8:00 but if you want to participate sign in starts at 7:30. As for when it be over – it depends on how many people show up. It could run until 10:30.

  5. jc

    Hey thanks Todd If I can make it I’m coming from Tucson so just trying to figure travel time and everything out. Thanks

  6. Tara

    Hey, it’s Tara from Ground Control. The event starts promptly at 8pm. We have 5 people registered already. We are preregistering by phone and e-mail so it goes cuts down on paperwork Thurs (just pay your $10 and you are good to go). The rules will be posted today. 2 drinks, 1 scored on latte art only the other by taste and creativity. Call me if you have any questions 623-606-6872.
    Look forward to seeing you!

  7. jc

    So if we are being judged on taste do we need to bring our own coffee? Just saying with not being familiar with Ground Controls coffee and how it pulls and should taste?

  8. Tara

    We have a Northern Italian style espresso. It is a medium roast blend that is well balanced. Our coffee recipes all call for 1 oz of espresso to each 4 ounces of milk. It is not an overpowering espresso. Very clean and smooth. Compliments flavored lattes well.
    You are welcome to bring your own if you like.

  9. It looks like everybody got there questions answered. If you haven’t feel free to ask here, call Tara, or read the rules and guidelines which are on the home page.