Sean from Ground Control Coffee writes:

Chris, I noticed that Ground Control was not mentioned as a coffee roaster. We are. We’ve been up and roasting for 3 months now using a US Roasters 5K machine. Currently we are offering 7 single origin coffees and 4 blends. We are the first SW Valley in-store coffee roaster that I am aware of and one of very few on the west side. Thanks for your time, keep up the great work on the website.

Ground Control
14140 W. Indian School
Suite B1
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Phone: (623) 935-2604

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Sarah

    Does Ground Control Have an email address?

  2. Matt

    I often visit Ground Control and I have to say that the in-house roasts are excellent. I was very happy with the Colombian I tried last time. I haven’t had the Afterburner blend, but it’s received rave reviews from my wife and our friend. Thanks to Ground Control for bringing quality, fresh roasted coffee to the west side.

  3. Annie

    How disappointing to find that Ground Control appears to have lost control.

    I have patronized this innovative Coffee house/wine bar/gelato stand with its interesting concept, since its inception.

    At the hands of an enthusiastic and professional server, my friends and I enjoyed a delicioius meal, great wines and mellow music one Saturday. Since then I have bypassed the Starbucks drivethrough to pick up my coffee at Ground Control. As the recession hits I expect better as well as more bang for my buck and I expend my diminishing discretionary dollars wisely. Service is often slow and once I waited for someone to be trained by doing in my time!

    However, my friend and I decided to visit Ground Control yesterday for a glass of wine and an appetizer in the late afternoon. The place was not at all busy. Three or four people at one end finishing their coffee and afternoon tea, many empty tables and three young men seated at the bar. My friend and I were there for a meal and wine so we selected a table and sat down. The young server behind the bar saw us sit down – she could not have missed us.
    We chatted away for some time, having not seen each other for a while and so we didn’t realize a full ten minutes had passed and noone had come near us. We laughed, realizing that we probably needed to stand at the counter showing that we would like some service. So, with much laughter we walked across to the counter. There was no way in the world we could not be seen by everyone in that place.
    We stood and looked at the young woman behind the bar who was busy pouring more beers and chatting with the three men seated at the bar.
    We stood and we stood and we smiled at her and tried to get her attention. Nothing.
    How long should one stand and wait? When one is dressed up in high heels, not too long!
    Loudly we said, “Perhaps we should go somewhere else?”
    We waited for the young woman to acknowledge us perhaps with a wave of the hand… “I shall be with you in just a moment!”. “Take a seat and I shall be right with you!”. No…these were phrases she clearly did not know. She may simply have not wanted our custom. That is fine. If business is bad, ignore your customers and you can be assured you will have plenty of free time on your hands very quickly!!!
    We are two well presented, well groomed, senior women. We surely are not cute young men, perhaps that was our downfall.

  4. Jason

    I also had an awful experience at this place. It was probably the same employee. She seems to fixate on certain customers while completely ignoring others. This is very very VERY frustrating.

    Avoid at all costs.

    Just his the burgerking next door. Coffee may not be as good, but at least you w0n’t show up late from your lunch break. Grrrrrr!

  5. Chris

    Me and my wife have frequented this business for the last year. It started great the owner friendly. As it got worse we would let the owner know out of concern. We still went a couple of times a month. The last time a few weeks ago. Service was awfull. I waited ten minutes to get a drink and one of the wines was flat. I mentioned it to the owner who was very standoffish and he said it was fresh. I left a comment that we would not be back and not recomend the place to friends. He accosted me and my wife in the parking lot saying we are not welcome back. Words were exchange unprofessional the place will not last. It is empty most nights.