Bill from Red Rock Foods describes this coffee shop as “spectacular” and “one of the nicest, if not the nicest, prettiest shops around.”

Read Bill’s description here and here.

Ground Control
14140 W. Indian School
Suite B1
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Phone: (623) 935-2604

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Sounds awesome. I will make it a point to stop by there soon!

  2. Matt

    I’ve been to Ground Control three times since they opened and I am very impressed. There are many aspects to the business (coffee, tea, gelato, wine, beer, paninis, pastries and desserts), which you almost never find together. My wife and I had our concerns that Ground Control couldn’t do all of these things well, but they have. On top of that, the owners understand how to create a great environment and hire excellent employees. I live on the west side and I’m happy to see such a quality establishment in the avenues.

  3. I’m really impressed by the casual elegance of the place. As a beer geek, I was ultra-impressed by the draft lineup, as well as the quality of their cappuccino. It’s rare that restaurants do wine, beer and coffee well, but Ground Control gets it.

    Their La Marzocco GB 5 does 0-761mph in about 24 seconds. It’s gorgeous. The owners are super nice, and wish them all the best.

    I think I want one…

  4. I want you to want one, Bill. Because I might be at CSC tomorrow…

  5. Thanks to everyone that came into Ground Control, and thank for all the great things you have said, we are really trying to do something diffrent and wonderful in Goodyear. The GB5 is named Claire, and she is a thing of real beauty, fully manual, and just a powerhouse, it is a privilige to work on her, and the Barista are the best, and some of them have never made coffee before Ground Control, and it is a pleasure to show them what I know.
    Keep comming in and trying new stuff, we add new things everyday!
    Steve, lead Barista @ Ground Control

  6. Frank

    Best coffee shop in AZ!! Hands down the nicest place to site and relax. The owers could not be more helpful. I wish them the best and will be one of their best favorite clients. Everything is great, not just the coffee.

  7. I might have some time on Thursday afternoon to swing by Ground Control. It’s a trip but I may be halfway over there anyways…

  8. Sheri

    What an enjoyable, pleasant surprise! Upscale design, yet relaxed atmosphere. Don’t let the location deceive you!
    The espresso drinks are artistically designed and delicious. The desserts are yummy and not off the factory line. Couldn’t ask for nicer, outgoing service.
    A great place for a date or just relaxing.
    The results show the owners have put their hearts into this place. Best of luck to them!
    Very excited the West side finally has a bistro.

  9. Nicole Scheider

    My husband and I have made two visits to Ground Control and we couldn’t be more excited for owners, Sean and Tara. Ground Control offers a wide array of tasty offerings to nosh on, a great selection of beer and wine, cool and relaxing atmosphere … this place will be a hit. Just what the SW Valley needed.

  10. Teresa Tipps

    We were in Ground Control on Saturday for lattes and were told by the young woman behind the counter that the barrista had stepped out so we would have to wait 10 minutes. Nothing else was offered to us. We went to the “S” word instead. Please fix this as we like to support our zip code and locally owner businesses (we live in Palm Valley).

  11. Teresa,
    Wow! That’s embarassing. Sorry about that. Please come back and we’ll make you a couple of lattes on the house. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. Teresa Tipps

    I have been back a few times since the bad experience I noted in August of 07. This past Friday, the service was great and the entertainment first rate. Just keep up on the restroom (the wastebasket was stuffed and the floor dirty)!

  13. Teresa Tipps

    I have been to Ground Control many times over the years now. Service is spotty, hot food is OK (often cold), coffee is OK (lattes and chais often warm, not hot). I purchased a can of beer that exploded in my car, gave the receipt for the cleaning and my contact info to the manager I bought the beer from, and have not heard a word from them. It has been almost 2 months. I, and my family, may not return to GC again.