I visited Ground Control nearly two weeks ago, and didn’t have a chance to write about it until now. It’s a sweet new coffee shop that recently opened up on the west side. Ground Control is owned and operated by Steve and Tara.

Besides being a coffee shop, they also sell food and have a wine bar.

Among the coffee shops in Arizona that do food, I think Ground Control has created a very large difference that people will seek out. Their food is amazing.

Don’t believe me, look at this photo. I want to rush back and get another one it was that good.

Bill from Red Rock Foods describes this coffee shop as “spectacular” and “one of the nicest, if not the nicest, prettiest shops around.”

I agree, the interesting fabric design on the ceiling to the huge round bar in the middle make this a beautiful place to enjoy an espresso. Check out this beautiful espresso machine.

Four group La Marzocco G/B-5 EE in a orange color.

Read Bill’s description here and here.

I ordered a macchiato and a mocha with my sandwich. One of the girls behind the counter didn’t know what a macchiato was, and the other briefly explained how to make it. I think the result was average. You can see what happened to the “mark” of milk here. It just wasn’t right but I’ll try another the next time I visit. The espresso underneath was surprisingly adequate. I need to go back and get a straight up shot of espresso to really get a taste for what is going on.

I have heard from others that one of the barista has competed at the national level, and assume I just came on the wrong day.

Macchiato. Ground Control has a lot going for them including some great partners so I’m sure the macchiato will be better next time.

Mocha. Very good.

Size comparison.

Neat fish tank.

Sweet seating area, with comfortable chairs.

Ground Control
14140 W. Indian School
Suite B1
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Phone: (623) 935-2604

It was a little bit difficult to find the first time. Take I-10 West all the way to Litchfield Park and go north. Then you’ll find Ground Control on the Northwest corner of Litchfield and Indian School Rd.

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  1. Very nice looking. Great looking LM GB/5. I bet when the kinks get worked out, the macchiatos will be great.

  2. Great looking place. It is nice to see a panini made properly!

    Great review, Chris.

    ..be bold

  3. Thanks for the great pictures! Sorry for the macchiato. Just a note, my husband and co-owner is Sean. Steve is our Master Barista who has competed nationally and you’ll be hard pressed to get him to make you a bad cup of coffee after 21 years of experience. He works Mon-Fri 6-1, so stop back in and chat with him.
    We have live music every night this weekend, Fri & Sat 8-11 and Sun 4-7. Steve works Sat night, too, so for some great music and great coffee stop in!
    We appreciate your support and I must agree the paninis are delicious!

  4. Thanks for the great pictures! Sorry for the macchiato. Just a note, my husband and co-owner is Sean. Steve is our Master Barista who has competed nationally and you’ll be hard pressed to get him to make you a bad cup of coffee after 21 years of experience. He works Mon-Fri 6-1, so stop back in and he’ll make you one on the house.
    We have live music every night this weekend, Fri & Sat 8-11 and Sun 4-7. Steve works Sat night, too, so for some great music and great coffee stop in!
    We appreciate your support and I must agree the paninis are delicious!

  5. Hi Tara! Thanks for commenting! I’ll definitely be out that way again (hopefully in August or September) to check things out again! Thanks.

  6. Jen Sosenko

    I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Ground Control for the first time on Friday. Their specialty drink of the day, White Cloud, is aptly named – it’s heavenly! Grand Master Barista Steve is quite the find. When we returned on Saturday night to enjoy the live entertainment, we INHALED the Turkey Chipotle paninis – MMMMMMM!!

    Fortunately for my waistline, I live in Los Angeles so I am not able to drop into Ground Control on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure that it would be illogical to drive 400 miles for a cup of coffee, but if there is any place that would make me question that belief, it’s Ground Control. I will definitely be stopping back in whenever I am in town!

  7. Mary

    Beautiful layout, smiling employees and the best gelato on the west side. I love the Barrista Special I had on Tuesday. Keep up the great work Ground Control! I will be back in very soon.

  8. Regret

    Wow. Thats all I can say. I stopped in to Ground Control the other day, and I have never been so impressed with a “coffee house” as I was there. This place is way more than a coffee house, this is coffee MECCA! The barista was great, he made me the best drink ever! I don’t know his name but he had the big moustache and beard. He was funny and the coffee was unbeliveable. It tasted just like Banana Bred, I men you just get better than that. The girl that rung me up was fantstic, and the place looks so cool. I tell you if you get a chance stop by Ground Control. It rocks!

  9. I am glad that some people with some knowledge and clever pallettes have taken a liking to Ground Control. As the person selling them their food and having helped them create some recipes and presentations, I am thrilled to see positive feedback about it. Just wait for the REAL Grand Opening in October, this place will be untouchable when everything is operating 100%. Look forward to hearing more comments and feedback in the future. CIAO!!

  10. Oh how we wish we were back in Arizona! When are you planning to open a cafe in Stuart, Florida? We will be sure to stop in when we visit our six grandchildren in the Valley! Everything looks and sounds fantastic!!

  11. C.

    This is great news. I have been despairing of the lack of good coffee on the West side. Hope to visit soon!

  12. Thomas

    I’ve been to Ground Control twice now and while I think the coffee and concept are great. I think the best part of the place is purely the fact that its a coffee/gelato/winebar that is locally owned and in the sw valley. I was very unimpressed with the service. The first time we had the head barista and he was amazing; he not only knew his coffee, but was able to start a conversation with you. That is what I felt was missing from the rest of the staff. If you want to create a true neighborhood hangout you need to be more friendly and strike up conversation, especially when there are only 4-6 customers in the store. Also, I felt like the artwork and sign aren’t cohesive with the overall modern/chic feel of the lounge. I’m sure a lot of these things will be worked out in time and I will continue to check in on it.

  13. Charlie

    It’s going to sound like there’s an echo in here, but what can one say? Ground Control rocks. I had the good fortune to visit (with my boys Chase 12, and Carson 9), two gellatoes, An Americano and a double chocolate cookie, and some very good service, I have no problems recommending this 3rd wave to anyone. There’s more, there’s a roaster in the corner , a diverse selection of wines some beer, and the comfort factor, is something every cafe should use as an example. I will be a customer.

  14. Sean

    Thomas, thanks for the review. Its great to be a part of the West Valley. Not sure who you had on your second visit but the staff is generally very excited to be a part of our team.

    In regards to the artwork, its part of a partnership with the Southwest Valley Arts Council and some of the Scottsdale art galleries. They promote local artists and their work in a forum where they may not normally be seen. Our current artist is Ginger Bowen. She is a nationally known local artist who’s artwork has been in Art of the West and Southwest Art magazines. Her art as well as others will rotate every two months. At the end of each two month period we do a reception for the artist on a Sunday afternoon. Where any of the work may be purchased directly from the artist, unlike art galleries we don’t take a commission, its a mutually beneficial relationship. Just another way for us to promote the West Valley and keep the atmosphere in Ground Control fresh and new.

    The sign is part of the fun that goes with all of the custom artwork we have for our country of origin coffee labels and logo. That all can’t be brought together until I can roast coffee on site. Permit approval for the roaster should be around 1 Sep, by then you’ll be able to see all of the elements together. We went to be modern/chic without being pretentious and stuffy about it.

    Hope to see you in again soon, thanks to you and everyone else for the feedback and patronage.

  15. Thomas

    Thanks so much for your response. That’s very intersting to learn about you guys displaying local artists. I’m glad to see how much apart of the community you guys are becoming, and its definitely evident in the patronage you’ve already accumulated. It was just that second visit unfortunately that I didn’t recieve the service I expected. I can’t wait to bring some friends in the next time I’m visiting my parent’s in Palm Valley. My group of friend’s and I are huge coffee/gelato aficionados. And your place seems like its just what we’ve been looking for. Can’t wait to try the Panini!!

  16. Joellene

    I am a barista at a more corporate chain right now. I love my job, but I love even more to find amazing little shops, I can’t wait to visit yours!!!

  17. Marlito

    Wow … this almost makes me want to move to Arizona. I still want to kidnap Stevie back to San Diego… There is no one on par with him in creativity and ability! I miss you and your tasty coffee!! May I have a Lindsor Latte please??

  18. Trishy

    Coming from the expresso capital of the world makes life difficult when there is only Starbucks available out here in my new home. Ground Control has taken a giant step to cosmopolotinize the West Valley 🙂 and has done a great job! A late evening supper one Saturday proved to be a real treat with superb service from a young dark haired woman, delicious salad, palatable Pinot Noir and some great live music! Wow!
    One week day I bypassed the two Starbucks near my home to drive a couple of miles further to Ground Control to pick up a Latte. The assistant was new and had no idea what to do so had to be taught whilst I learned. This put me off a little. Staff training needs to be done when there are no customers in the store. Great coffee does take time but should not include training time.

    Growing pains and all, however, Ground Control is something special and I am definitely going back!

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  21. Being a Goodyer resident, I have stopped by Ground Control to have their Green Tea Smoothie. They are always great. The weekly music is always a treat too. I am looking forward to playing there March 13th as part of Copper Skies. Thanks to Tara & Sean for the invite.

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  23. Stevie

    I want to thank both Sean and Tara for the amazing time working for their company~ I will be putting you two down for a good support reference. I hope you two do not mind~ Thanks again love Stevie Walker

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