One of the other interesting links that HB sent along to me was the Handpresso. For those curious, it’s basically a hand pump espresso extractor. The guidelines say to use cold water but there’s no doubt an interested camper out there that could heat some water ahead of time.

The company uses some pretty racey concepts in their advertising. You can watch the videos and see more here.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Dan

    On the handpresso site, they state that one can use hot water:

    Do I need to warm water for each cup?
    You can boil your water once, in a kettle, and then prepare several espressos without having to boil it again. You can also use the thermo insulated Handpresso bottle, which will keep the water hot for many hours.

  2. hb

    I really like the concept, it’s a really cool idea for any coffee lover.

  3. It seems really really cool. I totally wouldn’t mind buying one. The logic seems right.

  4. Joe in MD

    Thermos makes a superb coffee mug that will keep the coffee (and, presumably, just water) very hot for hours. A good Dewar (Google it) is incredible, and one assumes the water flask they also sell is comparable.

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