I’ve mentioned Hava Java (3166 E Camelback Rd) in the past, and I’m going to vote for it as one of the best places to get a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, just the coffee which sometimes is the best thing to cure the Monday blues.

I had: Large coffee with vanilla flavoring, a big muffin (Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat the whole thing), and all for $4 even. That’s a lot less than I would have paid at Starbucks. Plus, they have free Wi-Fi and refills for 25 cents. I could stay here all day!

Have you seen this place? They have nice wood chairs and plenty of them. Lots of places to sit, halogen lighting and tall ceilings. The floors are solid wood and marble countertops. The decoration and ambience feels right for a coffee house.

The morning crowd is here as I write and they know the routine. The coffee is out in the public, not behind a counter. So if you order coffee they give you a cup. It can’t get any better than that. I mentioned that refills are 25 cents. They just put a tray next to the coffee center. Gosh, public trust. That says a lot in todays world.

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  1. Joe

    I’ve been a HJ fan for 13 years. Best coffee in town bar none. I would not be caught dead in that corporate Starsucks.
    One problem that I see a lot lately in Hava Java is that the afternoon and evening brew crew do not know how to clean. The tables are always dirty. It’s routine now for customers to have to wipe down their own tables while the person behind the counter is chatting on the phone.
    Perhaps Justin or Jake (owner/ manager) will do something about this? I hope so.

  2. Chaz

    It’s great! I don’t know how long I been going there but since my gosh early 90’s. It’s stayed awesome the whole time. I look forward to it on my break. Jake is the mayor of 32nd street. The staff knows your name after a while it’s like it’s own small town.

  3. go to your store @ 32 & Camelback……..like your logo designer……I have a Personal Organizer called “KarianTime” can you have your designer call me Cell: 602-697-8213 Thanks

    I will also contact your Web Designer.

  4. Jon

    I brought your coffee to share with my employees. We start our day early at 2:00am in order to get our Direct Mail out every day. Good coffee is part of our start up. I need to know if your brands are available to buy in a package

  5. Branden

    Best coffee in town, great staff, great prices, amazing tea also, and its not the starbucks heres a tea bag, they actually do loose leaf tea, thats almost impossible to find in the valley! great place