I was curious if anybody could offer a recommendation. I have a friend and occasionally some types of coffee cause him to get headaches. Has anybody run across this before? It’s not like a one time thing, either. He can drink the same coffee days later and get a headache again. Weird.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Austin

    This used to happen at a coffee shop that I worked at. I dont know what the deal was exactly but we had gotten a shipment of new coffee in and it was just too dark that i think it bordered on burned. Anyways same thing. I would have a wicked headache and go elsewhere for a while. Come back a week or two later and get the same headache again. Right in the back of my head.

    So I dont know if it has something to do with the roast or the beans or what. Not much help but I give my sympathies to your “friend”

  2. ..I get headaches if I do not drink coffee…

  3. Austin

    they say to starve a migraine and drown a caffeine headache…with coffee…or water…i don’t really remember.