A strange beverage (I think it is from Japan): Hello Boss Iced Coffee.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thomas Reynolds

    Looks Vietnamese.

  2. Melissa

    I want one! Did you find this somewhere local?

  3. Melissa, a friend of mine sent me that link. I’ve never tried one.

  4. I’m a regular reader of this blog, and figured I need to finally post for this:

    Me and my brother found the ‘Hello Boss’ coffee cans a while ago in an oriental grocery store in Tempe and we immediately knew they are an imitation of the Mr.Brown iced coffee, which is Taiwanese and is very popular in my home country of Cyprus among other places. The logo for Mr. Brown is very similar but better drawn.

    We bought some because we miss Mr.Brown and could’t find in in Arizona so far, but I don’t remember the taste. Mr Brown Vanilla is glorious, however, and fuelled both me and my brothers through our mandatory army service years.

  5. j

    Actually, my wife found these here in Tempe – I’m not sure where, I’ll have to ask her. It was “made in Vietnam” I believe, but packaged for the states (different than the can pictured here). There were two varieties. They actually tasted pretty decent.

  6. Gino

    99 Ranch Market on 44th St, in the Chinese Cultural Center Carries Mr. Brown as well as many other Asian canned coffees.

  7. j

    The Sunflower Market in Tempe is where you can get them… packaged in English, distributed by Walong Marketing, made in Taiwan.

  8. Phoenix

    Years ago, my significant other and I took the train into Boston’s Chinatown for a little shopping. In one of the markets, he discovered Hello Boss coffee, and purchased a can for energy while we loaded up on Asian junk food and marveled at the sliced up salmon that was still alive and breathing. He noted on drinking it that it tasted kind of tinny, but was otherwise okay. And then the nightmare began. Boston traffic isn’t to be trifled with, and it was worse in Chinatown that day, because the detour route for the Big Dig was routing people through it. And suddenly, he darted right into the traffic, crossing the street in a rush, I shouted after him to be careful, and he informed me that he was immortal. At one point, a Boston cop stood watching him as he ran in circles around the base of a light pole, before running off. The cop looked at me, I shrugged and said, “canned coffee”. The train ride home was fun, as he bounced around like a two-year-old on a sugar high, and then crashed rather suddenly. Hello Boss coffee is crack in a can. And it makes you immortal.