Today while on the road I saw a delivery truck for Highland Coffee Roaster. The truck indicated that they roast fine coffees for coffee houses and restaurants. I wondered why I had never heard of them. Does anybody have the scoop?

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  1. Yo Chris. Highland coffee roasters is located in the N.E corner of University and McClintock. They are a re-saler of a roaster that used to be in Ahwatukee and for the lsat 4 years in Colorado. They started about 10 years ago. One of us coffee nutz. Have a great Thanksgiving everybody in the forum. Peace out.

  2. I have heard of them in my many travels but never been there. Ron apparently has the inside scoop.

  3. Thanks Ron! They must have some sort of Scottish background.

  4. This company started in Colorado sold and moved operations to Arizona, later went back to colorado living behind a distributor . See, I have to know my competitors. Anton the founder was Scottish.

  5. Hey Chris. My name is David. I am one of the owners of Highland Coffee Roaster. We are a wholesaler of coffee and coffee house products. We do not have a coffee house.
    Anton was the founder of the company, but he is no longer affiliated with it. Our actual roasting is done out of Colorado, by the same guy that has been roasting for us for years and for Anton. He use to do it here on location, but he wanted to move to Colorado and we wanted him to keep doing the roasting. So, he does. If you want more info feel free to give us a call sometime.

  6. ralph norris

    Please send me your current wholesale price and product list and policy on receiving product samples. I own a gourmet food store located near Chicago. Thanks.

  7. Paul

    So where’s Anton now?

  8. Im still here roasting away