Reading this top 5 list… the comments were interesting. One commenter claims that Lux has the most “hipster” baristas, and thus to avoid it.

Which coffee shop has the most hipster baristas? And, do you avoid it for that reason? I also asked on Twitter.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Denny Robert

    All I know is I tried to work on a project with someone at Lux on a Friday morning and there was a DJ playing techno. Hipster? Maybe. Annoying? Super.

  2. I dunno if the baristas at Lux are hipsters, but the clientele seems to throw daggers from their eyes at me when I walk in. They make me feel like there’s toilet paper trailing from my pants or something. The last time I was there, the baristas were so rushed & hurried, that they couldn’t be bothered to say hello, and I didn’t want my coffee by the time I got it. :\

    Maybe their expansion will help with the congestion. I’m not a big fan of overcrowded coffee shops with people yelling over each other.

    I love Royal at the Biltmore (it’s closer than their original location), though. The ladies I’ve met were incredibly nice.

  3. Dan

    Ok I guess I get why people would call the baristas at lux hipsters because of the way they dress. And yes maybe they dont all have bubbly personalities but I feel that they are real. I don’t like going to a place where the baristas are going to pretend to be my best friend the few minutes it takes to order my coffee. The baristas at lux will actully get to know you and talk to you if there isn’t a line!

  4. Psyd

    Hey, the baristas at my coffee house are real, too. And you know what. hare like my friends for the three minutes that we interact. ‘Cause they’re friendly people as well as great baristi.
    You know the sound a hipster makes when you punch him in his neck-beard?