Here’s a neat photo set I found with details on how to roast a small batch of green coffee at home. Anyone want to comment on his process?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. David Richards

    The process he is using is a great way to try home roasting since there is usually little to no cost in equipment. I have used a small home roaster and the process is similar. It creates a great batch of fresh coffee.

    Check out Coffee Bean Corral from more information on home roasting.

  2. If home roasting coffee is of interest to you, then the Green Coffee Buying Club is a must! It is a co-op style group of home coffee roasters who’s motto is “Split bags of green coffee and have fun doing it!”. It is a not for profit group and they source some really incredible, hard to get green coffee, sell it for cost plus shipping. Flat out super deal! You must register, it’s easy to do, just click here

    Plus they are some very friendly folks!

  3. Try this coffee!!! 100% Kona coffee Roasted, Green, Flavored yummy!!!

  4. “100% Kona coffee Roasted, Green, Flavored yummy”

    This is rather confusing. I should like to say: Try Kona straight. No milk, no sugar, no flavorings, and roasted by a third wave roasting professional who will do whatever they can to ensure that the coffee is the highlight and not the roast profile.