Gary Cramp wrote:


We opened our coffee bar 3 weeks ago in Casa Grande. We have a great “downtown” feel. Jazz/Blues music and decor. Of course, our name is “House of Brews Coffee Bar.” Best coffee in Casa Grande. Worth the drive. Our number is (520) 836-9485.

Thank you,

Congratulations Gary!

Update: Here is the address if you’d like to stop by, 420 N Florence St., Ste 1 Casa Grande. Just north of the Old Paramount Theater. 6:00a-6:00p Mon-Sat

Arizona Coffee

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  1. That is the same name I wanted to give the shop my wife and I were going to open!

  2. Oh wow, same name? That would be disappointing. It’s a great name, you’re right.

  3. Well, back to the drawing board!