If there is one thing I hate to see, it is a good coffee shop go unnoticed because you can’t see it from the road.

Is a good location enough or is high quality signage all that matters?

What are some good techniques for saving money on signage?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. mikeftervino

    Sometimes bad signage is not about money Chris. It could be about very strict laws concerning placement and lighting. Then again, if you have enough money and clout you can get away with murder in just about any town.

  2. Austin

    I think its way important for new establishments.

    But take a look a LUX. They are often filled beyond capacity and they are almost completely blocked if traveling north both visually and by construction now. They have the established people, but if you want to meet someone there it can be a pain if they are new.

  3. Michael T

    Pretty sure Lux is proof that you don’t need good signage to make it. My wife regularly notices that Lux can be packed even if there aren’t any cars in its lot.

  4. hb

    The first time I went to drip coffee I couldn’t find it
    because of it’s sign, it didn’t stand out or had any illumination. I asked the person working there if they had any complaints about the sign and she said plenty of people said they had a hard time finding the place. I can see some coffee places having a hard time spending the money for a sign.

  5. HB: I’ve tried to find Drip Coffee three times. I’ve driven up and down the street, looked at the map a few times, asked friends, and yet I can never find it.

  6. hb

    Chris: drip coffee is located in that small group of shops along 7th st. passing sheridan st.(if you are going south its on your left side), it’s the one on the corner. The parking is located on the back of the shop. It’s hard to find, but it’s a cool place.
    hope you find it.

  7. Signage is very important. However, I agreed with mikeftervino about the rules and regulation. In SIngapore, where all the buildings are governed by strict building and renovation rules, everything is controlled. So, if you visit one coffee shop, you have seen them all…