How far will you go to ensure a customer is happy with their drink? Whether it’s the customers fault or something to do with drink preparation, how far should you go to make a customer happy?

Since taste is subjective, how does taste fall in line with what is considered good? I’m really curious to know. Does your store have a policy with regards to customer complaints?

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  1. Personally, if it’s not on the menu, the Barista has the right to say “no”. That’s my stance. Similarly, I will not burn milk. Period. To me, “extra hot” is “before it starts to scald” based on sound, not temperature (every milk behaves a bit differently).

    If there is too much flavoring, if they had ordered a triple rather than a double, if they didn’t want whipped cream on their mocha, etc… The customer is always right, and the drink will be remade, no hassle whatsoever.

    No human being should expect to be respected if they cannot show respect to other humans. Customer or otherwise.

  2. Stepping over the counter (customer side), I would always expect “no charge” or a redo if I felt the drink was ill prepared or improperly served (wrong cup, etc). If it was something new to me that I ordered and was trying and didn’t like, I would not complain, as long as it appeared to be made correctly. If I was still charged for a bad drink (or it was not remade), I simply would never return to the place that made it, would make snide comments about it to others and recommend not going there. So, it really is in the best interest of the barista to go to extensive lengths to satisfy their customers, even if they’re unsure of the customer’s intentions. Sometimes the hardest to please customers can be the greatest advocates of a business when shown just how far the business’s personel would go to please them.

  3. As a customer I hope for a great drink but don’t always get it but never complain unless something is really wrong (like rancid milk or something). My expectations aren’t what I am buying just what i am hoping for.

    I think there are a few types of customers the kind that are looking for something wrong who are unpleasable, and the kind who dont know what they want and order based on how the drink sounds or what popular places dictate (SO many people order cappuccinos expecting something similar to what you get at QT or Circle K), and then there are people who are genuinely dissatisfied with the quality of the drink and would like something different or remade.

    We will remake drinks if it is not what they wanted or what was expected. If you come into Vida and ask for a cappuccino or a macchiato you will be asked to clarify which can be frustrating for the customer but it helps in the long run. Traditional isn’t always the best way. We will usually just say how much liquid is in the drink and that clears up most of the problems.

    For the most part we will try to make any person happy. But if you come in and order a Starbucks Macchiato and get a caramel latte with half a shot of vanilla and a caramel drizzled on top and still arent happy and instead want a Mocha Frappe for free but want to keep the other drink for your friend then you have likely used up all of your points.