This is a story I wrote back in October:

Down the street at La Grande Orange grocery store they have these wonderful Spanish Latte’s that I love to get however I have one slight dilemma when I order my drink…

“What’s your name?”


“Last initial?”


Several minutes go by as I wait for my drink to be prepared and then I hear it.

“Spanish Latte for Chris T.”

Except instead of sounding like it should, the words blend together. So it sounds like a drink for Christy. As far as I know I’m the only name that has this type of problem. Drives me nuts.

So what did I do to resolve this problem? I started using different last initials. Like I’d say “M” or “W” or “P” and that would solve the problem.


I walk in last week and I order a Spanish Latte and apparently I’ve ordered from this woman before and she’s learned my name.

Yeah, you guessed it.

She says “It’s Chris, right? Chris M., or W??”

Not much you can say than “Um, yeah, M” and that’s the end of the story.

I suppose it’s not half as bad as the day I ordered coffee with shaving cream all over my face. Yeah, I’ll have to tell that story again sometime.

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  1. The “M” or “W” might solve the problem but not the “P”.

    “Spanish Latte’ for Crispy.” Although maybe appropriate for when you forget to finish shaving!

  2. Haha, I never thought about “Crispy” — funny!! I’ve only used “M” and “W” and I might’ve thrown in a few others. I haven’t done it as much lately.

  3. “Chris P”, that’s hilarious!

  4. That settles it. Next time I get one it’s for Chris P. Should be cool!!