I rarely post personal notes here at Arizona Coffee however just for once I figured a personal update would be in order to let everybody know I’m still alive and haven’t given up on all of my side projects.

Arizona Coffee is one of them. Despite the fact that it’s the one thing that really excites me some days, it isn’t my bread and butter so I tend to push it to the evenings and weekends.

Evenings and weekends which have been scarce the last few weeks.

That should all change soon and all of the projects I’ve spoke with you folks about should take place and I’ll be getting more info about those put together very soon.

One more note before I sign off for the evening: I recently participated in an interview with another blog and to my great surprise (good or bad) the interview was recorded. I’ll post a link once it goes live (it is being edited for clarity). This gave me the idea to do some interviews (with choice of either written or written and audio mp3 delivery). The interview could be conducted anywhere but I would most likely come out to your coffee shop or roastery and conduct the interview and keep it short and sweet. Then with some editing and cleanup we could have a really cool interview.

So who’s first up?! Could be some good publicity and I’d add a section to the site called “Interviews” and we could have a picture with link to your site.

Arizona Coffee

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