I must be insane — this morning despite the cool 54 degree temperature I ordered an iced coffee at Hava Java (Camelback Rd. and 32nd St). What’s the matter with Hava Java? The woman behind the counter filled a plastic cup to overfilling with ice cubes and pointed around the corner to the coffee stand. I had to pour hot coffee over my ice (melting most of the ice). Someone please tell me this isn’t normal. I had to add two sweeteners just to cover the weak coffee with so much melted ice.

Before stopping there, I drove past Market Street Coffee Co. (Tatum Blvd and Shea Blvd). They just so happen to know how to make iced coffee. However, Market Street was closed for renovations and a sign on the window didn’t provide a reopening timetable but I noticed all of the furniture was missing. What’s the story? Someone must know. Market Street Coffee Co. has some of the fanciest locations around. They do not need renovating from what I can tell. If anything, they’re too fancy. In addition, if you’re going to renovate you do it at night or you keep the place open as much as you can.

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  1. Well, there is a theory that having cold drinks in cold weather is a lot better than hot drinks, some people actually say that is better to level the weather with the body temperatures with what we eat or drink‚Ķregardless, you MUST!!! And I reiterate…MUST come by and try our Iced Toddy or Iced Coffee. We proudly can say that we serve the best Iced Coffee in Town, your experience here will be quite pleasant, it will not be on an overfilled cup with ice and we are remodeling while open!!!
    The right way of having iced coffee is with cold brewed coffee not hot brew.

    To learn more about this, come visit us at INZA Coffee N.W. corner of Shea & 101 loop at Pima Crossings Shopping Center, if you come by ask for me and try our iced toddy, the coffee will be on us just for giving us a change to prove we are the best.

    See You Here!!!