Today I ordered a large iced coffee and it was very good and I was sitting at a coffee shop reading a book when I glanced at the menu to study it. I was surprised to learn that an iced coffee is $1.05 more than a regular coffee.

I’ll repeat that. Iced coffee is more expensive.

I don’t get it. Can someone in the industry share why this is the case? Am I paying for the ice? Is ice really that expensive? I don’t like ordering iced drinks because often I’m left with tons of ice and no drink. That didn’t happen to me today, but I still wondered about the price difference.

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  1. This is very odd! In fact, at out shop (Papa’s Perks @67th Ave & 101) we charge the same for iced and upgrade them 1 size. For instance, our hot drink sizes are 12, 16, and 20 and our iced sizes are 16, 20 and 24. So if you order a small coffee hot you get 12oz but an iced is 16oz for the same price.


  2. Tana

    Iced cups and lids cost more than hot cups and lids and yes, the ice is expensive – either paying for the ice from a store, or paying for the electicity and maintenance of an ice machine.