I’ve been getting into iced tea lately (surprise!) and even though I’ve visited so many coffee shops, I haven’t tried the iced tea. I am curious if there are any good places around town that serve great iced tea?

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  1. I haven’t yet had great iced tea in a coffee house, but I will say that Restaurant Mexico in Downtown Tempe produces some of the best iced tea I’ve had in a restaurant. It has a subtle cinnamon flavor but is not pre-sweetened.

  2. Stacy

    Actually one of the best ice teas comes from a burger restaurant “The Islands” they have a great passion fruit tea. Coffee Plantation used to make a great tea by Revolution Tea, it was a passion fruit black tea. But I checked their site, and they serve Revolution tea at Wildflower Bread Company. Borders Books also used to serve great tea, not sure if they still do.

  3. Sheri

    I think The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has the best iced teas. My favorites are Pomegranate Blueberry & Strawberry Cream. They have a huge selection of tea and can custom brew any flavor of iced tea.

  4. hb

    I like the ice tea from La gran Orange and the coffee is not bad. Its not really a coffee house, but its worth the trip.

  5. Although I like the iced tea flavors (both of them) available at the 24th St. Coffee Plant, the one flavor at the 16th Street and Glendale shop always seems cloudy and thick. Not sure if I just get there between brewings or what, but I just gave up on it.

  6. I know you’re looking for a place to purchase Ice Tea, ready to drink and enjoy, but I thought I’d throw my $0.02 in here.

    Get yourself a clear glass, one gallon jar preferably with a spout at the bottom for easy pouring. Fill it with water and one super sized tea bag. Let sit in the sun for at least 5 hours. Bring it in, add sugar to taste, let it cool a bit and then stick it in the fridge. Locals know it as “Sun Tea” and it sure is good!


  7. guatemala's coffee is the best

    If you want to try something different. Go to 3 roots cafe on Mill Ave for a mint ice tea. It is really good!!!

  8. Souvia Tea always has iced tea ready to go. They will alos brew up anythign on their menu over ice. You will find everything from Assams to Yerba Mate. Located in PHoenix and Socttsdale

    Bret Wingert, Owner Souvia Tea

  9. Hungryclone

    CBTL at Tempe Marketplace. 4 Teas change every day. You can request any of the other teas machine brewed as well.

  10. Starbucks has a delicious Iced green tea… I like mine without the sweetener. Don’t forget to tell the barista not fill the whole cup with ice or you end up with about 2 ounces of actual tea and the rest is ice….hope this helps!

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