Tonight our very own Austin Baker will be doing a 5 minute talk called Running A Successful Coffee Establishment. He’s doing the talk at an event called Ignite, which gives each presenter 5 minutes to talk and explain one topic. Everyone presenting has a slideshow that changes every 15 seconds. Here’s a list of topics for tonight.

You can watch all of Ignite-Phoenix tonight at 6 pm live online at or if you want you can come and watch (just get there early, as attendance will be over 100 people). Note: This is not an Arizona Coffee event. Just something fun I thought I’d announce because Austin is talking about coffee.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Nathan

    “Running a successful coffee establishment” or How the love of your life destroys your will!

  2. Austin’s presentation looks like it will be a great one, and I’m hoping he gives out free cappuccinos to everyone who attends. 🙂

    Thanks for the mention!