Has anyone ever been to Ike’s Coffee & Tea in Tucson? They’re listed in the phone book and on a few blogs but I can’t find anything else out about them.

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  1. Josh

    I’ve been there, it’s not the best in Tucson. It’s a decent place to hang out, usually on the quiet side with people studying. The drinks are subpar to average but they used to have a kick ass omelet bar on sunday mornings that was good, overall the food is pretty good. I’d say the best they have to offer in coffee is the blended drinks, they have a pretty good tea selection.

    oh yeah, they used to have a drink called the kafka that was really good, keep an eye out for that one.

  2. Charlie

    Ike’s has two locations, 1 @Stone & Congress downtown, and 1 @ about 3400 E. Speedway

  3. MikeFTrevino

    If you go to the Ike’s on Speedway, you can subject yourself to the Drive-thru know as Coffee Times which is located across the street. I am obviously biased on the subject of Coffee Times.

  4. We really need to get the reviews process underway. So much to do!

  5. MikeFTrevino

    Yes we do:) I’d be so excited to be a part of something like that. There is way too much bad to mediocre coffee out there thinking they got it all sewn up when there is always room to improve.